News 10 landscape photographers to follow in 2020

Dec 12, 2019
Some great images and great photography but there must be hundreds if not thousands of well heeled young photographers somehow travelling the world without visible financial means getting to all the top photosites where it would be hard to fail creating an impressive image from after all what is an impressive view.
The best landscape photographers in the world tend to be those that take the mundane and make something special of it, not travel and photo tourists.
Instagram , who over 50 years old uses that ? Lol
There is a great mistake by the young and budding journalists and magazine staff that all photographers, have a website, are on Facebook /Instagram/500pix etc etc. This is just patently not true. In my photoclub (which has both a website and Facebook page/s) as far as I know only one person uses Facebook (and he created the facebook page - lol)? I am not saying it is a good or a bad thing. It is understandable that every 'shake-and-bake' 'fine art photographer' that pops out of art college wants a career so immediately enrols in all these things to get themselves known but in the real world where the majority of photography takes place (amateurs) this is not the case.
Meanwhile these parallel worlds of photography exist with only a few engaging with both and the majority remaining in one trench or another?
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Nov 7, 2019
It's something I did more back in the olden days when I worked in a photo lab (1990s) but I still like to keep an eye on the changing technology.