Best cell phone for taking excellent photos !!!

Jan 6, 2020
What is the best Smartphone cell phone for taking excellent photos? They seem to be moving up in the realm of photography in a very big way. I'd like to know as I'm thinking of upgrading my cell phone to something much newer and would like to know what cell phone would be the best in a few categories such as Price, best reliability to last without breaking, best in photos quality, internet, and brand of course? Also, I think people nowadays usually have their cell phones with them related to phone calls, and it would be an asset to have a phone that would take excellent photos. It always seems just when a really great shot could be taken and you don't have your camera with you, whereas the phones are with you more often than not.


Apr 1, 2020
Most flagship devices are going to perform fairly well these days.
I personally have a fondness for the LG V series devices, Ive used or family has used the V20, V30, V40, and looking at the V60 next.
They have always boasted high end camera designs (stills and videos), superior build quality, and class leading audio with their Quad DAC amps.