Best current entry-ish level mirrorless?

Nov 21, 2020
So after spending the past few years as a hobbyist photographer with and entry level dslr (Nikon D3400), I think I want to venture into mirrorless. The main reason is that I just want something a bit less bulky but still as functional. Currently, as much as I love photography, I just don't take my camera with me that often because of just how big my camera bag has gotten.
So, anything you can give me advice on would be helpful. I'm not married to any one brand, but my favorite thing to do is slap a 35mm prime lens on and just take pictures of whatever strikes my fancy. I know early days of mirrorless cameras, battery life was a concern. Where are the newer cameras at with that?
Budget-wise, I'd love to be floating around $1k or less.
Thanks in advance.
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Nov 22, 2020
Fujifilm, are well worth a look. The xt30, is under 1,000 I believe. It has an awesome really sharp sensor on it, aesthetically it looks beautiful and Fuji make some really awesome lenses.