News Best trail cameras for wildlife photography and nature watching

Oct 15, 2020
As any teachers would say: Please show your work.
Next time you write an article titled best anything; please actually procure and use the products mentioned, and state what metrics you were using. This article looks more like creative writing of each items ad from Amazon.

There is no substance to this article. There was no list of all the cameras reviewed. No mention of what features were compared. What factors led to the conclusions.

Writing an article like this should be creating something new. It requires doing actual field work. Go out and create side by side comparisons for the stuff users would actually care about such as: image quality, sensor dimensions, sensor native resolution, actual trigger speed, night vision blur, flair, range, noisiness, durability, defrost or foggy lenses, battery life, storage capacity, price, physical locking strength, virtual lock, video native resolution, sound quality, solar charge, what voltages give the best photo quality or sensor range, which side triggers actually work. Become an expert so that your article can have substance.

So much of this information requires having the camera not just the spec sheet or the Amazon listing. For example I bought a cheap camera and noticed mammals close to the camera (deer racoons coyotes) would momentarily look at the camera at night. They are no glow IR so they probably don't see the light. Turns out I could hear the relay switch turning the IR on when handling the device. Now I go to find a camera and find your article and there seems to be no information on which cameras use a solid state relay and which ones use a reed switch.

Please stop filling the internet with spam reviews and start contributing to society.