News Canon EOS R5 overheating is fake? "These are artificial software limits," says report

Aug 15, 2020
lol I actually read that article and posted a response playing "Devils Advocate" on the "reporting". What happened next was shocking. I WAS BANNED FROM EOSHD for disagreeing w his article. Apparently Andrew Reid dont believe in freedom of speech and wants a forum (that he plays god) where everyone kisses where the sun dont shine. I heard stories of Andrew Reid getting sued by Red camera in past and If I was Canon USA I would consider action as well. He states at beginning as he's independent and bought a R5 for testing but by end of article he's ranting and clearly biased and upset his camera dont shoot unlimited 8k. Software limitations are put in place to protect hardware. If not the camera would malfunction or catch on fire. Now sure Canon could rewrite the logic code for someone who shoots photos every 5 mins for an hr then 8k video won't work. But when u shoot 8k or 4k he video after 20mins its gonna overheat. Period. And its bad information and getting ppls hopes up to suggest Canon is maliciously making cameras bad. Possibly even slanderous. The c500ii cine line costs $16k and dont even do 8k.. 8k is Not easy to do. Its alot of data. Alot if heat.. and for $4k ppl should be happy they get 20mins. If they want more buy an 8k cine camera. RED has one for $50k.. ursa 12k is $11k.. Now do I feel bad for canon users investing $4k to have issues. Sure and im sure canon will correct these issues via firmware but this notion that there is no overheating problem on the R5 is nonsense. Furthermore the tests done prove nothing about overheating issue. The issue is bad in 8k and 4k hq.. do a test on that. Not taking photos for 1 hr. Yea canon will re write logic so that dont happen im sure but there is still a major heat issue in 8k video from hardware.. software used to ensure camera dont fail. Ofc I said all this on Eos Hd playing devils advocate and Got Banned. What a joke..
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First they offer full transparency as to the overheating possibilities with a chart and everything, second they update the firmware to increase the times listed on the charts. It seems Canon is doing right by their customers in letting them know the cameras limitations before they got it into the hands of their customers.

The internal temperature of the R5 when recording 8K hits above 140F. Now, I am not sure who said that's not overheating, but they're definitely wrong. Running a camera that hot without a fan will certainly cause long term damage.

It seems full frame mirrorless cameras, no matter the brand, have these issues. Sony is more than four cameras deep (Canon has the R, RP, R5, R6) into the mirrorless market and still having these issues. Maybe we shouldn't be ripping batteries out of cameras, putting cameras into the fridge, and making weird memes about other photographers.

Instead let's just not purchase these new cameras with these flaws if the flaws aren't something we can work around.