Do you use many in-camera modes on your Canon camera?

Do you use many in-camera modes on your Canon camera? I ask as I've just posted an article on DCW on ' how to use HDR photography techniques for better tonal range in high-contrast landscapes' and we talk about the clever in-camera HDR mode available on more recent Canon EOS cameras. We've actually found the setting captures mixed results, and often resort to bracketing then processing our Raw images / merging them into an HDR in Photoshop.

What about you?

Article for reference is at
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Dec 16, 2019
My 760D does not have that mode, so never used it. It may improve with time, but right now that one does not sound like it is reliable enough to count on. Does it produce a raw file as output?
Yes HDR mode isn't available on some older Canon EOS cameras, you will also find that the mode varies depending on level of camera. For instance, you may find the camera only records the merged HDR jpg, whereas higher end Canons like an EOS 5D Mark III and Mark IV will save the Raw images used to bracket plus the in-camera merged JPEG, which makes it much more useful as you have the Raws to play with after if you're not happy with the in-camera HDR effort!
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Mar 2, 2020
I've got the 80D which has quite a few in camera modes, however i don't really use them. Stick mainly to AV, TV or full manual when feeling a little braver.