News Gifts worth £69 with new issue of Digital Camera including Skylum AirMagic software

May 26, 2020
These offers are great if you actually are able to get the downloads I am getting really cheesed off with have to send emails to the mag in order to get a link that works, I only yesterday got the links for the ebooks from last month, another thing I and I know others are getting a little fed up with the cards each month , they were great to start with but now what the hell do you do with them.
Another thing like I know others have said is the gifts that are given to new subs, yes I do understand that they use them to hook new subs but blimey I have been a sub for many years now and the only thing I have had is a 50p lens brush, I would love a new bag something half decent but there not for the long termers we are already hooked now.
And before I get of my soap box why have the digital version set around the price of the printed version surly we should be getting that have the price of the printed version it would safe one hell of a lot of trees tip cards would be on your computer not filling all the draws in the house and to top it DCM would save thousands in paper and printing cost and then just maybe they may give the long termers a decent gift each quarter

Sorry for going on but it needed to be said I read it on forums all the time but nobody does anything to stop it