Have you set up your own photography website? Then please share some wisdom with us…

Niall Hampton

Staff member
Mar 12, 2020
Niall from Digital Camera magazine here again - hello, and hope everyone is staying safe and well.

We're looking to run a story about setting up a photography website - it's another great thing one can do from home during lockdown.

Does anyone out there have any hints and tips for doing this… if you've had a site up and running for a while, did you code it yourself or use a dedicated website builder? If the latter, what was your criteria for choosing them? And if you were to do it all again from scratch, what would you change?

Rewinding to the beginning, what was the reason for building your own site - having your own platform to display your work on, or perhaps even selling a few images into the bargain?

If anyone has any wisdom they'd like to share, then please post some thoughts below.

And on a not-unrelated subject, what have you found to be the best way of cataloguing images? For example, do you use descriptive filenames, or leave them as they came out of the camera and let keywords do the work instead?

Thanks, and best wishes for the long weekend.

Feb 26, 2020
Hi Niall, yes, I have had a photography website since 2014 (www.gillprince.com) - initially with Zenfolio but then I switched over to Wix a couple of years ago, as the design features for text pages were much better. Zenfolio always looked a bit ‘amateurish’. I much prefer Wix though it does have some annoying quirks. One of my ‘lockdown’ plans is to learn how to use the software in more detail! My purpose for having a site is to promote my commercial work, print sales and tuition services - and back in 2016/17, also to promote a photography book that I published. My main pieces of advice to anyone thinking of setting one up are a) be clear about the purpose, and if it’s to attract business think very carefully about how you will drive traffic to your site and b) don’t make the mistake of dumping loads of images into it, or while holiday albums! A selective approach can be far more impactful - and only include your best work. Oh and c) update it regularly - mine is in serious need of an update (new commercial and personal projects to add) and that’s on the list for the next couple of weeks too!