News Home photography ideas: Whip up a storm with flash and a glass of water!

Mar 22, 2020
I've been tinkering with this idea, haven't been through all the pictures yet as got distracted by something else shiny but this is pretty easy to get started but even on a bright day like today getting enough light and depth of field to make sure the swirl / bubbles are in focus is a challenge so resorted to flash.

First couple of unprocessed photos are in my folder here Flickr, Abstract pics. The first one is not moving at all - I thought I would take some pictures to line everything up and I put grease proof paper against the kitchen window and propped it in place with a couple of bottle of booze - one of which is a purple colour & I quite liked the effect. I had to remove half of the glass because the first try was just tap water and a quick clean of the glass which left a lot to be desired.