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How To Use Photoshop’s Content-Aware Move Tool To Move an Object

The Content-Aware Move tool takes the magical Content-Aware algorithm and allows you to apply it to basic repositioning and transforming of objects. In essence, it recomposes a moved object and analyzes the image to fill the hole left in that object’s wake. This tool isn’t perfect for every scenario but it works extremely well on objects with a simple or abstract background.

1. Open the Content-Aware Move tool and draw a selection around your object.
The tool is located in the same family as the Spot Healing Brush / Patch / Red-Eye Tools, so right click the icon under the Eyedropper tool in the toolbar to open it. The tool starts as a simple lasso tool that you can use to draw a selection area around an object. Make sure to include some space between the object and its background, as the Content-Aware Move Tool will use this information to smooth the transition.

2. Adjust the Content-Aware Move parameters.
These are located in the options bar. We’ll begin by setting the Mode to “Move” and checking “Transform On Drop”, which allows you to scale your object to its new location. We’ll also adjust the Structure and Color values, which denotes the amount of image structure adherence, and algorithmic color-blending applied to the patch (respectively).

3. Move your object to a new space.
Simple enough. By clicking and holding the center of the object, you’ll be able to move it to any other location within the image. The original image will remain the same until you apply the changes, so you’ll temporarily see the original object and its duplicate at the same time.

4. Transform your object.
Once you’ve released your moved object, a frame with corresponding handles appears around it. This works exactly like the “Free Transform” mode, where you can grab the handles to adjust the size of the object and move outside the frame to access a rotation mode. We’ll both enlarge this guy and rotate him on his side.

5 .Commit the transform.
With all changes made, simply click the checkmark button on the options bar to apply the Content-Aware move.

6. Deselect the Content-Aware Move selection.
Once the Content-Aware move is applied, the original object will be filled with pixel information based on the surrounding area and the borders of the moved object will be blended with the background. A selection area will still be enabled - to deselect this, simply hit Cmd+D (or Ctrl+D on Windows).