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How To Use Photoshop’s "Content-Aware Patch" Tool To Remove Objects From An Image

In a previous tutorial, we demonstrated how you can use the “Patch” tool to make simple object removals and duplications. We can also utilize Photoshop’s “Content Aware” algorithm to better patch the background of removed objects from an image. This is how that process works.

1. Open the Patch tool and set its mode to “Content Aware”.
The Patch tool is in the same family of tools as the Red-Eye tool, the Content-Aware Move, and the Healing Brushes. If it isn’t visible, simply right click the icon underneath the Eyedropper in the toolbar to select it. Then, click the “Patch” dropdown menu in the option bar and set it to “Content Aware.” We’ll set the “Structure” and “Color” values to something middle-of-the-road so that the structural and color-blending adherence is thorough but not too extreme.

2. Draw a selection around an object you want to remove.
We’re going to attempt to remove the vehicles in the background of the image. We’ll begin by drawing a selection are around the furthest car, making sure to keep the selection shape simple and fairly close to the edges of the object without intersecting them.

3. Drag the selection to an “empty” area to replace the object.
We’ll find an area of the image that accurately replicates what the background of our object could resemble and release it. You’ll notice that Photoshop will use our “Structure” and “Color” settings to alter the stamp and try to blend it with the surrounding area.

4. Alter the “Structure” and “Color” values and draw a selection around another object.
This second vehicle is bright red and placed in a much more complicated environment, so we’ll need to lower the “Structure” value so that Photoshop makes more changes to the patch and the “Color” so that the patch doesn’t include any bits of red.

5. Drag the selection to an “empty” area to replace this object.
This one’s a bit tricky, as we’ll still need to find an area that matches the overall structure of the car’s background. Once we find something that works, we’ll release the selection.

6. Zoom out to assess the tool’s effect.
Because our “Structure” and “Color” values are so low, Photoshop will more liberally alter the background’s structure without including any of the original object’s color. To better assess how this change fits with the image as a whole, we’ll zoom out to view the whole image by hitting Cmd+0 (Ctrl+0 on Windows).