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How To Use Photoshop’s Mosaic Filter To Blur A Face

Whether it’s for aesthetic or legal purposes, sometimes you’ll find yourself with project where you need to apply a simple blur to someone’s face. Theres a few ways to go about doing this, but the most classic version by far is created using the Mosaic filter. Applying it is a very simple process.

1. Create a selection area around the subject’s face.
You obviously have your pick between the lasso, marquee, and magic wand/quick selection tools to accomplish this set, but we’re going to use a simple polygonal lasso tool to draw an area around this woman’s face. This tool creates a really minimal, uncomplicated selection outline which will fit best with the filter we’re going to apply.

2. Open the Mosaic Filter.
With the subject’s image layer selected, we’ll open the Mosaic filter dialog window by clicking “Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic”.

3. Adjust the Mosaic Filter’s parameters.
We’ll begin by checking the “Preview” box and dragging the preview window to our subject- this way we can compare the effect as a whole with the specific edges of the face. Now we’ll simply drag the Cell Size slider to an appropriate value - the trick here is to suggest the details of her face without giving them away. Once we’re satisfied, we’ll hit “OK.”

4. Deselect the selection area.
Once the effect is applied, the selection area will remain around the pixelated face. To remove this, simply hit Cmd+D (or Ctrl+D on Windows).