Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition review


May 10, 2020
A few issues with the review of this. It is incorrect to state that the camera outputs ProRes 422. The desktop app will do this after the footage has been dealt with/edited, but it most certainly isn't a feature of the camera itself.

Regarding the resolution not being high enough for high resolution cropped output, again this is simply not true. With the majority of people still watching in 1080p, as well as on mobile devices, 1080 is more than good enough as a crop from a 5.7k image, and is most certainly not 'low resolution'!

Of course higher resolutions would be better for the advancement of 360 cameras, but with such small sensors there is a diminishing return for doing that in terms of low light performance, noise, and dynamic range. Mind you, a 360 camera based upon two of the 5.3K sensors found in the 1-inch edition would be a nice development. And given that the camera is modular, this isn't outside the realms of possibilities.

That is in fact another thing that the review failed to zone in on. The modularity of the camera allows even more advanced camera modules to become available without buying a whole new camera further down the line.