Is lack of color depth and depth in general a camera or lens thing?

May 20, 2020
Hi guys, something I’ve noticed when I try to take pictures of landscapes with my 77d and kit lens is they lack depth in the sense that in a shot of overlapping mountains you cant really tell they are separate and look more like they are joined together. I also notice the colors are also lacking in depth and variety when in reality there is more depth in the colors. Im sure its probably just that this lens isn’t the greatest but I cant seem to get anything too sharp out of the lens even at f9-11.
The reason I’m wondering if this is a camera or body thing is that I also kind of notice this lack of depth in color and just general depth also in my Canon 85 1.8 and Canon 50 1.8. Is this something that would be solved by going fullframe or is it the lenses I am shooting with? Maybe a combination of both?


Apr 1, 2020
The color depth is more related to the sensor than anything else, which dosent matter full frame or apsc, both can provide excellent results.

As for your perspective issue, that's probably related to the focal lengths you are using. The wider the angle the more perceivable depth you get. On the other side, more telephoto compresses the depth of the shots, making it look flatter.
Eventually there is some limit as to what can be achieved at a certain resolution though, you could be losing fine detail that would differentiate the mountains.