Oct 1, 2020
Hello! I'm looking for a camera and I'm quite lost! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or advice. I have quite a few requirements so I'm going to explain: I work in the film industry and I need to take pictures of the sets/actors/actions/props so I need something that I can just put on 'automatic' and will take fast pictures and a few in a row, and will work well in low light. What makes me loose a lot of time is having to go back to take more pictures when the ones I just took are blurry because of the low light or fast action so I really want to be able to rely on my camera.
It needs to be small so I can attach to my belt. I also really need it to be silent so I can take pictures during takes.
They don't need to be the most beautiful pictures but still needs good definition in case I want to zoom in to check something.
I haven't set a budget yet as I don't know how much my requirements will affect the price. Thank you for you help!