Looking for a phone that can be used to make YouTube content

Jun 21, 2020
Hi, I really hope someone can offer me some advice. I purchased the samsung galaxy a51, as someone who doesn't know a ton about cameras, the 48MP and multi cameras all sounded good for the $350 price tag. So when I got it yesterday and photos looked....unnatural and odd, bad quality compared to my old motorola g6 play, i was confused and panicked. I am starting a YouTube journey, but I am also a young widow on a budget. Ive read a ton of reviews and my head is kind of spinning.

I would be willing to spend $600, should I just drop the cell phone idea and purchase a "real" camera or does anyone have a camera phone in that price range that they love and that would do the trick for good quality videos until I grow my channel and it makes sense to invest in a camera. I know lighting is important but I dont think any lighting additions will make this galaxy a51 camera look good. I do recall my grandpa telling me that a high MP count doesnt equate to a good camera, but it was hard for me to consider purchasing, say the galaxy S10 when its camera has much smaller MP but is on lists of decent cameras lol if anyone has any advice or a camera phone they love, please help😊


Apr 1, 2020
Your grandpa was correct, MP count is far from the most important factor, as you saw.

I would invest that 600 into a real camera if you are serious about these videos, potentially a sony alpha camera (a6100 for example).
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