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Looking for an ultra-lightweight but protective camera bag.

Nov 15, 2019
Hey all,
I am a smallish person and weigh under 100lb. I am looking for a super lightweight camera bag that can hold and protect my Canon and a couple of lenses - they're heavy enough already. My current camera bag is fine but it weighs more than I like already.
Christmas is coming and I am looking to be my own Santa, so appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!
Nov 16, 2019
I have a bag, shown pic below,
black friday sale....jpg
I bought it last week from Black Friday discount codes at Reecoupons, its a great quality stuff and it looks small but there is much space in it, you can easily handle it and go anywhere if you want to buy another size must once search there.
Nov 18, 2019
i've been using a regular backpack for years. i wrap my gear in lens wraps and throw it in my backpack along with whatever else i need. no issues so far.

i've used regular backpacks, but my favorite by far is a military backpack by 5.11 called the rush 24. i can add on extra pouches or bags for longer trips using the molle system, i've even secured a bigger lens case to the side for the 100-400mm. or strap a tripod to the pack. i like that it doesn't look like a camera bag. it's not waterproof (the material is waterproof, but there's two open drain holes at the bottom that would let water in if submerged), but i could get other bags that are waterproof if the need arose.


Staff member
Nov 13, 2019
Hi @Tripoddy, I've got a couple of discreet Manfrotto bags for when I'm lugging configurations of larger kit. Bags are a surprisingly personal part of your arsenal – I seem to get on well with Manfrotto's designs, so I always find them worth investigating for comfort. I don't get on so well with shoulder bags these days as I've got a neck injury, so I'm increasingly shifting towards small messenger bags or backpacks.

We've got a very good overall camera bags guide on the website, and at the bottom you can look at recommendations for specific types (like sling bags). Hopefully that should help you narrow down a few choices!
Nov 18, 2019
Hi Tripoddy,

I bought an inexpensive back pack after watching a reasonably funny YouTube video, where the presenter kept getting their kit 'stolen' from bags that gave access from the back of backpacks, the bag stolen if it was a shoulder bag or the camera strap system cut and so on.

The back pack I bought only gives access to my gear if I take the pack off my back. The bag allows me to stow far more equipment than I need to carry around with me.

The only way I've found to reduce the weight of my bag is to think about what I'm going to try to photograph and then only take the minimum of kit.

One of my best days out was with my camera and just a 24mm prime lens around an open air museum. I took about 400 shots. It's one of those museums where you can get a year's entrance pass, so I intend to keep going back but only with one lens at a time.

That way I'll also keep my bag contents within the insurance limit my household insurance has for items outside the home.