Mavic Mini vs. DJI Mini 2

Oct 9, 2020
The Mini 2 is certainly better and more powerful than the Mavic Mini in everyway. There's just no question about it. The question is, are these upgrades enough reasons to upgrade? You've got the 4k camera, up to 4x zoom, higher wind resistance, more (well, a minute) flight time, RAW photos, plus extended flight range. I think that it's quite nice and they are even able to keep the DJI Mini 2 registration free. Of course, there would be those people who would like to get more out of money and would be complaining that there's still no ActiveTrack function or additional sensors. But I think that's just because the technoogy to make these possible while still keeping the drone light does not exist yet. But anyway, are there any criticisms about the Mini 2 that would make you stick with the Mavic Mini?