Most unique/unusual lens you own?

Nov 18, 2019
What's the most unique or unusual lens that you own? Tell us about it and show us a photo of it. Share some images taken with it. Have more than one? Comment more than once! :-D

What makes a lens unique or unusual I hear you ask... One that isn't very common, or one that wasn't meant for your camera but you've adapted it to work, or it's age, or just anything beyond the norm. Could even be a usual normal lens that you use unconventionally. The rules are lax, whatever you feel is unique or unusual in your kit bag.

**Looking forward to seeing how strange you guys are** ;)
Nov 18, 2019
nothing too weird for me. but i did adapt the canon 100-400mm lens to the fuji gfx 50r with the 1.4x and 2x tc just to see if it would work. it worked but image quality took a major hit with any tc attached.

the 50r and canon 100-400mm L only (no tc).
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