Moza Air 2 batteries not holding a charge?

I got this Moza Air 2 about a year ago and have treated it well. I keep the firmware updated so there aren't any issues between the camera (Canon 5D Mark IV) and the gimbal. I have kept the batteries charged and always remove them from the gimbal when I am not using it. About a week ago now I went to charge the batteries and only two out of the four batteries were recognized by the charger as indicated by the lights. I left them in for a while and nothing seemed to change with the charger. I went online and found I am not the only one that has had this problem and was wondering if anyone at DigitalCameraWorld has had this issue with their Moza Air 2?

I contacted Moza with information on my issue and they said the batteries are only warrantied for six months for the Moza Air 2 so they will not replace them for free. They suggested I order replacement batteries from them instead. The same batteries that lasted me a year even with proper care but I have read that you need to charge them one at a time, which Moza does not say anywhere.

I have since taken to plugging in my two "dead" batteries, one at a time, to see if they will revive themselves. So far, one of them registered after sitting by itself charging overnight and the second one is currently registered red and I am waiting for green and will update this post/reply to this post with an update.

But has anyone else with a Moza Air 2 gimbal experienced this issue and what remedies do you have?