New Camera Body?

Nov 18, 2019

First post to the forum.

Long time photographer, average in skill, but always looking to improve.

I currently have a three year old Nikon D5300 and three lenses, Wide-Angle, Macro and Medium Telephoto and am very happy with combinations.

I have been thinking recently about buying another D5300 body so that I can save time having to change lenses (not that is a big hassle), I take a lot of internal church shots and typically I am moving from mid-telephoto to wide-angle when going in/out of them.

I have looked around and think I have missed the boat on a D5300 and can only see second-hand ones now and a bit concerned about shutter count on these. I am seeing some good deals this year on D5600 and assuming that it will accept all my currently lenses - reviews seem to say it will - I was looking for some feedback from people that have also purchased two camera bodies and what they think.

Many thanks for any feedback received.
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Nov 18, 2019
I'll do you one better, I used to shoot not only with two bodies, but they were different brands! That was a nightmare! haha. I now shoot with a Canon 5DIV as my main camera and a 5DIII as a second. They are very similar and I don't have any problems with them. Before that, I shot with the 5DIII as my main and a 5DII as my second. They were quite different and I struggled to switch between the two during a shoot. I highly recommend either having the exact same or very similar cameras when working with two at the same time. You can program the buttons and dials to suit your style of shooting and I recommend you set both cameras the same. You don't want to be fussing with your camera settings in the middle of a shoot.

All that said, I've known photographers who shoot with a full-frame and a mirrorless at the same time with no problems.

Best of luck with your camera hunting!
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I shoot a lot with two bodies. Especially for gigs as I love going from wide to close up with out moving as I often have restrictions with the audience etc. I have one body with a 24-70mm and another body with a 135mm or 70-200mm. Gives me great flexibility. Only thing to think about is how to carry them. I have a leather harness and have them hanging either side of me just below waste height. Amy Shore gave me the idea. Google her.

Other then the carrying its a great idea for the type of requirements you have allows you to have two great lenses instead of an average do all cover all lens. I have two different bodies which does mean two different batteries and although they are very similar there are slight differences which took some getting used to at first.

Love to know what you go for.
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Nov 13, 2019
I semi-often shoot with two bodies, and even three if I'm feeling frisky. It's an absolute godsend for hotswapping between multiple lenses without having to remount every time (especially since I use primes 95% of the time). On safari in Africa, for example, I would have missed SO many shots if I hadn't been able to juggle a couple of cameras!

In an ideal world it's great to have two identical bodies, as your muscle memory won't wrestle with itself when switching between them. Most manufacturers are really good at maintaining consistency in the "grammar" of how their cameras work, though, so I can jump between most Canons fairly easily… though as pointed out in another thread, there is more inconsistency between Nikon DSLRs, so it's worth having a rent/play with bodies in person to make sure they're not too different!
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Dec 17, 2019
My suggestion is to have a crop body like your D5300 and a full frame body like a D750. I shoot with 2 bodies one full frame and one crop frame. Both are mirrorless Sony bodies and have almost identical controls, buttons and use the same battery. When shooting events, I use a Tamron 17-28 on the FF body and Tamron 28-75 on the crop body. I also have a Sigma 150-600 that is mostly used on the crop body for sports or wildlife photography.