News Olympus brand name WILL continue – but Micro Four Thirds' future NOT confirmed

Oct 6, 2020
Here's the thing: folks know what Olympus and M43 is, and they can decide if they're interested or not. But continuing that makes plenty of sense, because those using Olympus today will be likely customers if JIP can pull that together.

Moving to a whole new system, though? That would cost a fortune. Launching a new system of any kind is a huge risk and a huge investment. Canon has done pretty well launching EOS R, but look at how they did it: they made fairly cheap bodies and adapters, so any EF user could buy an R body and just stop there if they wanted to. Then they made a bunch of "hero" lenses for RF mount to attract those same people into buying a lens and, thus, becoming real RF system users.

Nikon has nice gear for the Z, but they haven't been nearly as successful. Panasonic, as well, has some nice cameras, but THE L-MOUNT ALLIANCE!!! has not really done well yet, either. All of these are well known names: Canon, Leica, Panasonic, Nikon. Who's JIP or OM Digital Solutions again? Would anyone buy a FF camera from a relative unknown? Or even they could use the Olympus name?

I guess they could join the L-MOUNT ALLIANCE!!! , at least, that would make buying from them safer than if they went it along, But I think they'll just stick to M43.