Osmo Action/Pocket 2 Launch on Oct. 20

Jul 23, 2020
Either the new version of the Osmo Pocket or the Osmo Action will be released a couple of days from now. As the DJI Osmo Pocket is a year older than the Osmo Action, my best bet is that this is the Osmo Pocket 2. They'll probably do some updates on the sensors and do some improvements on the audio, something that has been plaguing the Osmo Pocket along with the knock-offs like the FIMI Palm. I'm guessing that they'll also include live streaming and tweak and improve shooting modes so we'll get HDR video recording and other nice features.

Wondering, too, if they'll do the GoPro route and supersize the device just so they can cram bigger batteries in. Since their main selling point is their size, I don't think that would happen.