Panasonic S5 VLOG issue - Horizontal lines appearing with different black tones on V-Log

Nov 13, 2020
I just got a Panasonic S5 (upgraded from a GH5) and during a test run I noticed various horizontal lines appearing with different black tones. This is almost impossible to see on the flip screen of the camera, but was very noticeable when seen on the screen of a Ninja V.

First I thought it might be a faulty HDMI cable, but same issue occurredwhen cable was swapped. I tested again recording to an SD card directly and the same issue was seen during playback. Tried with different lenses and same issue, but it did not happen with other Photo Modes, only with VLOG.

Video was recorded indoors during the night in low light at 4k 24p, 422 10bit. Same issue happened while trying several ISOs from 800 up to the highest.

Have anyone with an S5 run into this horizontal lines V-Log issue?

Video sample shown here (best seen in 4K playback, please ignore the mess ;-)