Privacy issues during street photography?

Nov 15, 2019
I'd love to see some great street photography. I'd like to get into it myself, and I'm curious how you deal with incidental inclusion of people in your photographs. Do you try to get permission from the people or not bother because you're in a public space? How far should one go with seeking permission? How far away should a casual participant be before you're worried about including them?
Basically, I don't want to get sued by people passing by who may not want to be in a photo, but in a city, it's sure hard to avoid.
Nov 15, 2019
I purposely include people in my photographs. It's totally legal to do so if it's on the streets. Just gotta do it in a way that you won't get busted.

If you are clever about it you can literally point your camera in their face, take a pic of them and they won't even notice. A lot of the great street photographers even use flash. Unreal skills,it's all about how confident you are.

Try pretending you're taking a photograph of something completely different then wait for someone to come into view. Wallop, take the shot...done.
Some one will say something if its something they feel strongly about. I had one guy come up to me when I was shooting a day fest. He stormed out of a pub saying he didn't want his pic taken. Other then that I have openly shot in crowds and people walking towards me and had nothing. You will be surprised how many like the idea of having their photo taking if you were to ask them. Like Idene says, it is all about confidence. Just look like you know what you are doing and shoot. How many times have you seen people trying to get on TV whilst someone is speaking on the news for example.