Review Quick comparison of image quality EOS R6 with RF lens vs EOS 6D with EF lens

I have owned a Canon 6D (original, not MkII) for a few years and yesterday got a new R6 with the RF 24 - 105 f4 lens. The step up in camera capability (auto focus, stabilisation etc) is awesome. Given that both sensors are about the same size of 20MP, I thought I'd try a comparison between the two cameras and equivalent lenses.

Canon R6 with RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens versus Canon 6D with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM. (2013 purchase.) Settings 1/6th second, f5.6, ISO 100.

So I took shots fully manual, on a tripod with 2 second delay release. Both lenses at 70mm and manually focussed. An interior shot of a bookshelf full of books near a window to get a wide range of colours and also a fall off in light across the image.

I have each image both as the full RAW CR2 / CR3 file from Canon (and I checked that there was no sharpening applied using the latest version of Canon's Digital Photo Professional 4 software). I also converted both to DNG format using Bridge. But I can't upload them. So I converted both to JPG using DPP4 at max quality. If someone wants the original files, message me.

Short summary? The R6 / RF combination is sharper if you zoom right in. I can't see any notable difference in colour rendering. But really, there's little difference - certainly not enough to make or break a shot for an amateur like me.

For me, the upgrade is worth it for the improved stabilisation, frames per second rate and focussing. The new capabilities enable capturing shots I would have struggled to get in the past. I went down yesterday with the R6 to the beach and nailed focus on some seagulls that I never would have got with the 6D. So I'm happy. :)

Word of warning - the 20FPS on silent shutter means you get a LOT of images to process later! On the 6D I could hear the shutter clicking over, but there's no such feedback if using full electronic shutter on the R6.


I am definitely ready for a faster and quieter shutter because I shoot weddings for a living and being silent during a ceremony is key when it comes to taking photos and not taking away from the couple. But the battery life mirrorless cameras are expected to have still gives me hesitation when it comes to upgrading.