Slow Mo Sony Video Problems

Nov 19, 2019

Does anyone have experience of using Sony bodies for slow mo footage. I use an A9 and A6400. In both I record at 100fps. It plays back at 100fps on the camera but when I transfer the files all the footage on the SDXC cards is at 25fps. Whatever memory card I use, and I've tried a few from Lexar, Sandisk and Sony and whatever computer I use it always does the same.

I've spent over 2 hours with Sony on live chat today trying to figure it out and they don't know why. They're going to investigate and get back to me. But I really need to get the 100fps footage off the camera quickly to use it.

Does anyone have any ideas? I would really appreciate the help. I am very new at video but I've been shooting stills for a long, long time.
Dec 12, 2019
I have no specific advice as I am not a Sony user but this sounds like an import (you call it transfer) issue. The memory card will have no influence on the data stored. The raw video footage will have either been shot at 100fps (as you say) or 25fps. A clear indicator here would be the length in time of the video file. If it is the same length (lets say 30 seconds) at both 100fps and 25fps then the transfer has converted from 100fps to 25 fps. If one is 4 times longer at 2 minutes (the 25fps) then all the data is still there. Otherwise 4 frames from the 100fps will have been combined into a single frame in the 25 fps video.