Sold my 5d mkiii and lenses for and EOS R, looking to switch back...

Nov 18, 2020
I have owned my 5d mkiii since launch in 2012. The camera has done me quite well. I had 213k clicks on her, she had seen better days. Shooting the Pikes Peak Hill Climb for the past 9 years has put a lot of scuffs and marks on the body. I wanted to get into a new camera, a bit for motivational factors and to get into a bit better video capable body.
I sold the 5d, 16-35 2.8, 70-200 f4 and bought a low shutter count EOS R and a 35mm 1.8 for a great deal at $1280. I enjoy a lot about the camera, size, features, flip screen, video formats, etc. But oh man, I took the camera to a car race this past weekend and I am not able to pan with it at all. Automotive is my primary gig. I work a fulltime job now, but still do a few yearly automotive events. The freeze frame in the evf really messes with my rhythm. Is this something people have been able to overcome? I tested an r5 at the same event and I felt like I was hindered in the same way. Also, the stiff eyecup with glasses is a rough combination as well. I couldn't get a good "seal" with my glasses and the eyecup.
I am looking to sell the EOS R and jump back into a mirrored camera. I've been debating between a 5d mkiv, or a 1dx mkii. Thoughts on a good upgrade from the 5d mkiii?
Thanks everyone in advance for your input.
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If you're truly looking to switch back to a DSLR and upgrade from your 5DIII then I would suggest the 5DIV. But it would come down to what you'll be using the camera for. Some people like using the 5DIV for photos because it has a higher resolution than the 1DX II which has faster frames per second. Some people like using 1DX II for high frame rate video versus using the 5DIV which has the C-Log profile to match their Cxxx series cameras. So which is it for you?