Spark or mini mavic?

Nov 17, 2019
What’s people’s thoughts? Not flown my spark for a while. But have looked at the mavic mini. Looks interesting but unless you can override the CE mode to FCC mode in the UK, it’s a no brainer sticking with my spark with the mod software to give it the much stronger connection in case of disconnect.


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Nov 12, 2019
Pretty sure you can't override the CE mode on the Mavic. There may be hacks to it online and quick tutorials and all that, but the fact that it's very region specific makes me pessimistic.
Dec 3, 2019
Hi...I'm a pondering amateur photographer and Spark owner as well...first reaction was to sell the Spark and buy a Mini. Then...I came up with the positives and negatives from my view of both, without flying it;
Positives - More compact, lighter, 3 axis gimbal, 2.7k vs. 1080, higher bitrate. I like being able to fold it up and put it in my camera backpack. The Spark fits in there on its side, but always worried about crunching the arms. Increased flight time from some 15 minutes on the Spark to 30 on the mini, wow! Also cheaper than the Spark offering.

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Nov 18, 2019
what's the main thing you want out of a drone? flying, video photography?

i bought one for photography. i enjoy flying but i pretty much use it just for capturing photos from places i'm either too lazy to climb to or simply can't get to. for photography i'd pass on both the spark and the mini and get a mavic 2 pro.

if flying is your main focus then i'd go for the mini. it looks like a lot of fun.

if you're interested more in video and you don't need 4k or plan on taking video in low light then the mini should suffice. if you need 4k or the ability to shoot in lower light situations then you'll have to look at another model.