Street photography is it still allowed?

Nov 18, 2019
Hi all,

With a 10-18mm lens it's possible to shoot fairly large crowd scenes. As an HD monitor 1920x 1080 pixels is only 2mp, and 4k monitors are less than 9mp it is sometimes possible to crop out a few decent pictures from one shot.

This means that individual crowd members become readily identifiable, with GDPR could this cause problems for a photographer putting such photographs into an exhibition?
Nov 18, 2019
I Am Not A Lawyer, but almost certainly not. A photo isn't personally identifiable - you can't connect a face with a name just from a photo. Public photography laws are based on the idea of a reasonable expectation of privacy. If you're walking down a public street, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy, and so your photo can be taken by anyone.

You could be standing there with a 70-300 taking close ups of people walking by and there would be no legal issue - cropping a hi-res wide angle is no different.
Nov 18, 2019
it depends on your country's laws. are you us, uk or somewhere else? in the us you'd be fine showing photos which were taken in a public location in an exhibit. you may run into issues if you try to sell any of those photos without a release.
Mar 15, 2020
As I understand it, UK is the same. No expectation of privacy in a public place (to allow for the use of CCTV etc) but if you were to use someone's image to make money there could be complications. In this case some sort of release form or contract would be needed, mainly due to the allocation of any money made and who should be entitled to it or percentage of it etc.
General common sense and discretion should be the main thing. Thinking about who is doing what or where etc.