Strictly For The Birds

Some great images Tony. You have certainly isolated each bird from the background while still showing a glimpse of the habitat. I particularly like the double-crested Comorant.
Thank you very much for looking and commenting. I especially enjoy portrait style captures, which allow me to appreciate and marvel at their stunning eyes. I can usually get close enough to allow my superzoom cameras to easily fill the frame. Most of my photos feature side-lighting, which is my favorite type of lighting. Yes, cormorants are great to photograph. Cormorant means "sea raven."

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Nov 28, 2019
What lovely images.
are they wild birds or in captivity?
I’d love to shoot images like that and wondered where to start.
What lovely images.
are they wild birds or in captivity?
I’d love to shoot images like that and wondered where to start.

Thank you very much. I will add the word "CAPTIVE" to begin a new post in this thread if that's the case.

I started by deciding which of the categories of photography I enjoyed above all others. That was capturing portraits of birds. That allowed me to scout out local areas which presented the best opportunity to get relatively close to my subjects. In my area that included the coastline, beaches, harbors and lakes. That led to the type of camera that would best suit my needs. I use fixed-lens, superzoom bridge cameras.

The way I use the zoom is to fill the frame with relatively close subjects, rather than zooming in on distant subjects. In this way I'm able to capture enough eye and feather detail to my liking. I also strongly favor side-lighting as a style feature, so I usually take photos during early morning or later afternoon hours when the sunlight is coming from more of an oblique angle rather than directly overhead.

Hope this helps!

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Happy Friday and wishing you all the best in your photography! I hope you'll enjoy these beautiful birds!

"Hither and Yawn" (Great Blue Heron)

Green Heron

Western Gull

Muscovy Duck

Black-crowned Night Heron

Double-crested Cormorant
Here's a few of my favorite CAPTIVE bird portraits. The only challenge associated with taking photos of captive birds is to attempt to have them appear, well, less captive! All photos taken hand-held with no cropping, at least!

American Flamingo

Himalayan Monal

Harris's Hawk

Blue-bellied Roller

Blue-and-Yellow Macaw

East African Crowned Crane

Great Horned Owl