News The best Canon camera bag in 2019

Mar 2, 2020
Always wanted a Billingham until i looked at it. Lovely bag, well made etc, but not big enough for what i needed (Camera with 24-105 fitted, plus 2 x more lenses and various accessories) ended up with a Manfrotto.
I have a ThinkTank StreetWalker backpack which holds three Canon bodies, with lenses attached (35mm, 50mm and a 85mm), and still have space for lens hoods and rain sleeves when you're taking the cameras, or a client, out on a hike. If I took the cameras apart I could get 4 bodies in the bag and four lenses which came in handy when I was flying to Miami in 2018 for an engagement shoot and a wedding. I didn't see it on the list so I had to comment about how good it is.