News The Canon EOS R5 is a CHEAT CODE for wildlife photography

Jul 30, 2020
#1 There is no market (stock) for wildlife photos, so this is about advanced amateurs getting good results.
#2 This is not magic and it takes a lot of skill to capture birds in the air and fast moving mammals.
#3 I've had the camera and RF 600mm and RF 800mm for almost a month, and yes it is a great improvement and you will get many more keepers than before...but it still takes skill and the ability to find subjects and to approach them properly.
#4 That's not cheating!
Mar 9, 2020
Automation is the name of the game and has been for almost two decades now. It is what consumers rant about and demand. Every improvement is directly engineered so that the customer does less at time of exposure- not have to hold the camera still, or focus, or create an exposure, or search out the proper light or time your shot- take twenty or shoot 4K video and then pick one frame.

While continuing with MF film work my first DSLR was a D810- I focused using single point and shot aperture priority at base ISO and I referred to it as a point and shoot ... and folks laughed. Several generations of cameras later with cameras that automatically zero in on whatever face is prominent-man or beast- and that moniker is more appropriate than ever.