News The Canon EOS R5 overheats when shooting 8K… AND when shooting 4K

Feb 22, 2020

Well, everyone was pretty much expecting a bunch of "fine print and asterisks" when the specs of the R5 came out. So in that, no one's disappointed!

As an electronics engineer, I saw Canon's limitations as basically one of their level of chip technology versus Sony and some of the others. No IBIS? That's a heat problem and sensor technology-node problem (the tech node has a good deal to say about heat). 4K cropped video? That's a heat problem, a sensor technology-node problem, and/or a CPU/ISP performance limitation (which is also a tech-node problem if Canon's making their own DIGIC processors... I think TI made the older ones, not sure about the current chips). Lower dynamic range? That's a sensor technology-node problem.

I'll be the first to claim I'd rather have the capability -- with limits -- than have Canon lock out that capability. But I'm also a bit sad that Canon didn't come roaring back with all of their tech issues resolved.