What would be the logical upgrade from the 7D??

Nov 21, 2020
I need a bit of advice regarding possible upgrade. I currently run with the Canon 7D and have done so for seven years. I am looking at what would be a logical upgrade. Obviously the 6D Mk II and 5D Mk IV are in my mind as the best possible candidates but I would also like to hear your experiences with the 6D Mk II in particular as well as any other recommendations; esp as I know next to nothing about the mirrorless department.
If you have a worthwhile investment in EF lenses then I would stick with a Canon DSLR body and your only options are the 5DIV or the 6DII (and possibly the 90D). Those are all newer than your 7D and should last you as long as it has. Sometimes I still use my older 5DII and still get amazing photos out of it. The question you should be posing is which camera is best for me and my photography needs, but first, we need to know what those photo/video needs are.