Question What's the best option for landscapes?

Nov 18, 2019
Looking into picking up a drone as a first timer purely to get a unique perspective when I go hiking.

It's a weird thought I had while out over the weekend and want to find a starter drone that won't break the bank but can deliver beautiful memories. Any suggestions?


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Nov 12, 2019
I'd go for a cheaper Parrot, like the AR 2.0. Great quality and not too brutal to the bank account. Control wise, it's also relatively easy to fly around and makes for a great starter drone. I'm jealous of the fact that you'll be getting to enjoy the wonders of drone photography for the first time. Have fun!
Nov 18, 2019
best option for landscapes would have to be a mavic 2 pro or phantom 4. the mavic 2 pro is smaller so that would be my choice for hiking. it has a aps-c sensor in it, most other drones are quite a bit smaller. even when compared to files from an aps-c camera the drone images still look dismal. very noisy, lower resolution, and not very sharp.

if you just want the aerial view to post on fb at small sizes you can get just about anything. if you're serious about landscape images you'll want to get the biggest sensor and best camera setup you can afford on a drone to get the best possible images - and you'll still likely be disappointed.