Which camera should I buy for short filmmaking on a £2K budget?

Jun 16, 2020
I’ve been making short storytelling videos since Covid using a MacBook Pro, iPhone & iMovie. Loved the process and iMovie and iPhone have been a great first step, but now I would like to improve overall image quality, develop my shooting & editing skills and generally make it look a little more professional.. So much camera choice out there, I’m reading/watching as much as I can to help me choose, but I’m getting lost in all the online marketing. Meanwhile I’m intending to upgrade my editing software to Adobe Premier Pro. So can anyone help me narrow down my camera choices please? My budget is £2000 and that would need to include any accessories required (at least to get me started) I will be shooting both video and stills, but mostly recording video. I accept that whichever I go for will be a steep learning curve for me as I’ve never actually owned a (proper) camera! Thank you to anyone who can help me narrow down my choices. Kindest regards. Philip M.