News Yes, Sony A7S III overheats – sometimes even FASTER than Canon EOS R5

Aug 1, 2020
Im sorry but this comment contains a part moan about this article and the people behind it.

I think this is just an attack on a really pretty impressive bit of kit. There are more than 50 professional photographers carrying out tests in all conditions and they have shown that it holds up pretty dam well and far longer than previous models even in the heat. A few had issues but many didnt. A few bet all other cameras and a few didnt. Also, Florida is a focused hot area. Any camera will have issues in Florida's hot summer days. Yet the detail and colour and cinema-like feel to what it can capture is incredible.

Were all up for debate but this article seems to cherry-pick out of all the impressive beating reviews done and find the few where there were issues. Which is a shame from Digital Camera. It beats the Canon eos 5 in a few areas whereas the canon eos 5 is still a very impressive camera.

I watched birds nesting on this camera and the detail and colours and just magic was really a step forward to what we have had before this. Digital Camera should be praising its abilities. But using headlines in a few places where its been subjected to tests that would be hard for any camera. Is rather a low blow and looks more bad on you than the camera in my eyes.

Ever since digital camera printed that sigma lenses were not so great then a few months later printed that there the most impressive lens they have seen and had ads for them all over the magazine. It has raised questions in me about the truthfulness of what is printed. There are many great suggestions and information but i think you should leave the opinions down to those buying and using them. And not who can pay for the most adverts.

I like photography and videography and i like Digital Camera World for its highlights and news etc but this is a low kick to what is pretty impressive. I'd even go as far as to say paid for by canon. Or seems to be. And if its not its by canon users who are miffed at how capable this sony a7siii turned out to be.

If you actually try this camera with water running or with birds feathers rustling or taking flight. It is most definitely a step forward compared to what we have had before. They have really made these 12 MP work harder than ever before.

Of course, this comment is just an opinion also but give this device a try and a chance. Because from what i have seen of it my self it deserves both.
Thank you
Aug 4, 2020
The test conditions were not reasonable. I don't really care how the Sony a7Sm3 compares to an R5 when operated in an oven. If anyone should find me shooting under those conditions please poke me with a fork to check if I'm done.
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